H. C. Andersen book

74,95 kr.



12 Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

These 12 incredible fairy tales by H. C. Andersen are selected and illustrated in this H. C. Andersen Book by Connie Enghoff from Combix.

The fairy tales are carefully selected to provide the frames for stories that can entertain both children and adults.

They are some of Hans Christian Andersen’s most known fairy tales and they have created unforgettable moments for readers and listeners for many generations.

You can use these 12 fairy tales in the H. C. Andersen Book with family and friends or as a present at special occasions like Namegiving/christening, birthdays and other special days.

This book will also make a fine addition to other products from Combix, like the famous and popular H. C. Andersen mobile from Combix.

We hope you enjoy the fairy tales.